Saphira Takes Miami

For the last 5 years since I left Miami, I’ve returned the last weekend in January for the ING Miami Half Marathon…and the annual Renegade breakfast following the race. My history is: ran it in 2007, was pregnant in 2008 and 2010, and planned to run it in 2009, but Spence got sick while there. This year I knew I couldn’t run, but I wanted to see all of my friends and introduce them to Saphira. So, she and I left last Thursday evening.

Saphira was the perfect little traveler. She didn’t sleep the entire flight, but she was sooo good. She played with her toys, played peek-a-boo with and giggled at the folks behind us and had fun taking everything out of the seat pocket in front of us. Several people commented on how good she was.

And that trend continued for the entire trip. We met Brian, Howard and Carter for lunch on Friday (all attorneys at the firm where I worked before), and then we toured the firm to see some of my friends. The weather was lovely for walking around. The wind was chilly, but it was wonderful to be outside in the middle of winter.

On Saturday morning, several of my Renegade friends met at 6 am (that’s 5 am Chicago time!) to walk 3 miles and have breakfast. Saphira was a trooper and took it all in stride. I think she enjoyed the fresh air, so we made a point of taking a walk in the park that afternoon also. Besides, I had to get similar pics to those I had taken with Spence on the trip with him 2 years before.

I’d like to say that we helped Marla with her crazy baking fest, but she really didn’t let us help much. In preparation for our annual post-race breakfast, she baked rugula, mongo bread, chocolate chip cookies, Mexican wedding cookies, coconut cookies, oatmeal toffee cookies, brownies, peanut butter chocolate treats (like fudge) and her amazing rice crispie treat sculpture.  I only took a photo of the sculpture; I should’ve captured all the baked goods. Marla is an amazing baker, but she spent 3 days baking, including 7 hours on Saturday. Now that’s dedication — or craziness — or both!

Sunday morning was the race. I had planned to join other non-running Renegades at the Beach to cheer on the runners, but after getting Saphira up so early on Saturday, I didn’t want to push my luck on her flexibility. Instead, we just met everyone at Terri & Carmen’s house for the annual breakfast. Good food and good friends – what could be better?? And before we returned to Marla’s, we stopped by the beach to take some photos. I wish we had gone to a sandy beach, but Saphira enjoyed sitting in the grass.

The flight home was uneventful, and we beat the storm. We arrived on Monday and on Tuesday afternoon snOwMG 2011 started. But that’s the next post.


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