Eye Teeth and Allergies

I was thrilled to discover that after months of being able to see Saphira’s blasted eye teeth, the left one has finally broken through. She has had several bouts of diaper rash that I’ve attributed to those teeth. I just hope the left one descends quickly and the right one breaks through soon.

And then there’s Spencer, who is on his third round of a systemic allergic reaction. John noticed a few bumps on Spence’s face yesterday and attributed it to an external irritation. It wasn’t until today when the rash kept appearing and disappearing in various spots around his body that we realized it was a systemic reaction. Then at bed time the rash was all over his face. I was worried about his breathing, so we gave him some Benadryl and let him watch 15 min of TV. Sure enough the rash moved on. I just hope the poor guy is able to sleep. Last time this happened he was rolling around in his sleep trying to scratch his legs.

It’s frustrating that we can’t prevent this. The first time Spence had an allergic reaction the doctor said we’d probably never figure out what was causing it. The second time Spence had just started taking amoxycillin, so we assumed that was the culprit. This time I can’t think of any new foods to which he’s been exposed. I guess I need to sit down and think of everything we’ve eaten in the past few days… Anyway, it looks as if we’ll be visiting the doc tomorrow just in case…


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