Toys of the Moment – Saphira

As I mentioned in Spence’s post, my friend Laura is much better about blogging regularly than I am, and one of the things she includes monthly is a list of Shelby’s favorite toys at that moment in time. It’s a great idea, so here’s what Saphira is up to these days.


Although she is going on 14 months old, Saphira still doesn’t walk. For the past couple of months, though, her focus has been on standing, cruising and building leg strength and balance. She also loves hats. I have a video of her putting on and taking off one of her summer hats. I’ll have to get it downloaded to youtube and add a link. In the meantime, here’s a photo of her in one of Spence’s construction hats.

She loves books – especially any of the “touchy-feely” or “peek-a-boo” ones. It’s only recently that I can get her to sit through a book that doesn’t have one of the “action” features, but she’s starting to enjoy Good Night Moon and some of the Sandra Boynton books. It helps that sometimes she has to listen to Spence’s longer stories…but then again, she often goes off to play rather than sit with us.

She enjoys playing with puzzles and the shape sorter, although she doesn’t have much concentration for those yet. Blocks are a big hit, although it’s difficult to play with big brother around. She’s usually ready to destroy before he’s done building or vice versa…And they fight over who gets to crawl into the container that holds the blocks…

Saphira also loves the outdoors. We have a small play structure with a steering wheel and slide. Saphira loves the slide and playing with her brother on this toy! She also loves the sandbox, but I haven’t captured any photos of that yet.



 Doors are a big thing, too. Both inside and out. Inside we have a toy that cousin Hailey let us have and both kids enjoy playing with it. Outside there’s an old door and mailbox that John has tried several times to toss out. But the kids love it. It doesn’t matter that it’s old and the doorbell is broken. They love the door and mailbox. Even kids who come to visit gravitate toward it immediately.

Saphira really never took a pacifier, but with her eye teeth descending, she has started using one for short periods of time. She has also started using a lovey while nursing and for bedtime. She has an elephant and a bunny,  so at bedtime she has one in each hand. It’s adorable. I’ll have to take a quick pic this week.

The only other activity of interest that I can think of right now would be food. This girl loves her food – and the photos in the last post of Spence (the two had blueberry pancakes for breakfast on two separate occasions) prove it. And wow does she have a sweet tooth! Here are a couple of photos of the kids at Nibbles Play Cafe when Elmo visited as proof.

As a quick vocabulary update, backpack is the word that took me by surprise almost 2 months ago. One morning I turned on an episode of Dora for Spence and put Saphira in the highchair so that I could make breakfast. Although she couldn’t see the TV, when she heard the Dora theme song, she swayed her shoulders left and right and sang, “backpack, backpack.” She sings the same when Diego comes on, but it’s adorable! And she has increased her animal sounds to include moo, quack, baa, brrr (horse lips), roar, growl, tweet, meow, panting (dog – but also any animal for which she doesn’t know the correct sound). She’s also attempting to ribbit and oink, but my favorite is cock-a-doodle-do. I tried to capture it on video unsuccessfully. I’ll have to try again!

Overall, though, Saphira has no problems communicating. When she knows what she wants, she lets you know in a rather expressive manner. If I try to give her food she doesn’t want, the shake of her head is unmistakable. And if she sees something on the counter or table she wants to eat, she points at it rather sternly and then does the Italian sign of mangia. I don’t recall teaching her this sign — I honestly think she came up with it on her own. But it’s definitely the sign I see most on a daily basis! Oh and she says a muffled form of water for any drink in a sippy cup. I’m sure there are others, but this is a fairly representative list.



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