2 Firsts & 4th of July Weekend

Wow – it’s been an action-packed weekend! Let’s start with the two firsts.

Photo by Spencer

Saphira took her first steps today! She’s just shy of 14-1/2 months. It seems so late since Spence started walking right at 10 months, but that’s OK. Saphira has been content to be the princess who is carried around. But the look of sheer joy on her face as she toddled those few steps was priceless! And she managed to repeat it so that Daddy could see it, too. We’ll have to try to capture her on video tomorrow.

At the Lisle Hot Air Balloon Fest

As for Spencer, he made up his first joke. At least we think it’s made up. There’s a part of me that can’t help but wonder if he hasn’t heard it before and he’s just now repeating it. I know that’s not fair, but I just find it incredible that he could come up with this on his own — then again, it’s completely his dad’s sense of humor. Like father, like son. Spence has a Dora book entitled “Sharing Day.” Saphira picked it up today and started to chew on the corner. I immediately said, “No, Saphira, no mouth.” Spence laughed and said, “Saphira, you can’t eat it. It’s not a cherry book, it’s a sharing book.” So it’s not a complete play on words, but it sure is a great attempt!

As for our 4th of July events, we started with fireworks on Thursday, June 30th…at least we were supposed to. We met the Ligouris and the Nelsons an hour beforehand so the kids could run around and play. Unfortunately, that’s all they got to do as it was too windy to set off the fireworks. They’ve been added to Monday night’s repertoire, so we’ll have a 45-minute show to enjoy as long as the weather cooperates this time.

On Friday afternoon we went to the Arlington Heights Frontier Days to let Spence ride some carnival rides. He rode the kiddie cars, the small train, the carousel and the mini dragon roller coaster. Note the theme: all are small rides that go in a circle. However, there was one exception: he went down the giant slide. Unfortunately he wasn’t tall enough to go by himself, so I had to go with him. It was fun except I lost a sandal on the way up. Luckily the guy behind me was nice enough to pick it up for me. LOL

Saturday afternoon Spence got to help Dad wash the car for the first time. He had fun, although I think John got a little frustrated at Spence’s inability to listen and follow directions. What can you do – he is just 3. After his nap, we headed to Lisle for the Hot Air Balloon Festival. They had a “Balloon Glow” at 8 pm. It started with a single balloon when  we arrived, but by the time we left at 9 there were over a dozen. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see any of the launches, but the temps were just too high at 6 am and 6 pm. (Plus the 6 am launch had been cancelled at the last minute due to high winds, so it’s a good thing we hadn’t gotten up early and made the drive.) Although they stayed tethered to the ground, it was still fun for Spence to see all the colorful balloons! I wish I had remembered the camera. I had to use my phone, so the 3 photos I took are a little blurry. I don’t have a fancy schmancy phone, and the iPod was in the van.

And to end the post on a positive note, here are a couple of fun photos. My brother Jeff and his girlfriend visited last weekend, but I hadn’t posted their photo yet. And the kids looked very festive for church this morning. They got a lot of compliments at the service!

Uncle Jeff and Molly with Saphira - Spence turned camera shy and refused to join them


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