Saphira at 18 Months

Saphira turned 18 months old while we were in Florida, and she celebrated by having a fever. Bummer! We obviously had to postpone her check up until our return. As of November 2, 2011, Saphira is 33″ tall and weighs 21 lbs 10.5 oz (quite specific, huh?). For what it’s worth, her head circumference is 18-1/2″. Like Spence, she’s long and lean (10th percentile for weight but over 75th for height). Developmentally, she’s doing great. She’s definitely going through some separation anxiety, but she usually gets over it quickly.

In terms of food, Saphira eats just about anything and she’s constantly asking for food. I really don’t understand how she can stay thin! She really has a sweet tooth, too! And Halloween isn’t helping. She walks around the house chanting, “cany, cany, cany?” or “coookie, coookie, coookie?” I gave her some chocolate today. She held out her snack trap and asked, “More?” I said no and she began to wail loudly. Then she suddenly stopped, held out the snack trap again and asked, “More?” I had to turn around so she wouldn’t see me laugh. She actually repeated this process several times before I picked her up and distracted her with the idea of getting ready to go outside to play.

I should add that all I have to do is ask, “Who wants [insert something/anything here]?” and she’ll immediately yell, “I DOOO!” She just assumes that if I’m asking, it must be something good! Still, if I try to trick her (like asking “Who wants to clean her room?”), she might jump on “I DOOO!” but she’ll immediately follow it with, “NYO!”  That seems to be her favorite word lately. She loves having choices (ie, control!!!) and her first instinct is to say “Nyo” several times before you’ll finally get a “yyyyes” out of her.

As for toys and activities, she absolutely adores music. She continues to sing, and Kindermusik has really helped her expand her repertoire. Right now her favorite is “I See You” from the Wiggles and Giggles album, but she sings lines from several of the albums, including from Spence’s class (like “Mr. Sunshine”). She also loves to say, “tickle, tickle, tickle” (albeit not quite so clearly) and then tickle either you or herself.

Saphira loves swimming. She very much wanted to get in the pool when we took Spence to his first class. Unfortunately, with my broken toe, I can’t take her for another month.  😦  But she enjoys puzzles, her shape sorter, and above all babies. She definitely gravitates towards the babies – real or otherwise! (And yes, she tries to nurse them — on her belly button. LOL)  She also loves reading and anything her brother is doing.

Overall, Saphira is very loving and sweet. She is a complete joy to have in our lives!


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