A Rocket and the Moon

You’d think I could put 2 and 2 together by now, but somehow this slipped past me.

First, I checked the Disney website several times watching the price of the Princess dresses. I’d heard the price goes down a lot right before and after Halloween, making it a great time to buy dress-up clothes. I must have missed it because the cheapest I saw was $30 and that was still too high for me.

Secondly, I thought about hitting the stores after Halloween to get discounted decorations. But I know we’re moving in the next year or so, so I decided it was better not to add to the stash of stuff we’ll have to move. (Funny, John said he had the exact same thoughts go through his mind!)

Despite the two things above, it somehow slipped my mind that the costumes would be discounted and I could buy them for dress up at home. A friend of mine posted a photo to FB showing the stash she bought, including the doctor costume, policeman, army man, etc. I couldn’t go out until John got home. I knew the stock would be slim, but I figured it was worth a shot.

I definitely didn’t get the top picks, but I did manage to find a few things for the kids. WalMart had costumes at 75% off and Target at 90% off. I got a cowboy, gangster (Spence loves suits), Tow Mater, pirate and “treasure hunter” (which will probably be a second pirate costume).  I also snagged a dracula cape for less than a dollar. He won’t know it’s for a vampire; we can pretend it’s his Super Hero cape!  I think I’ll try to sew a shield with an S on it before I give it to him.  🙂

I even picked up a couple for Saphira, although I realize she won’t be into the dress up as much just yet. She got a cheerleader costume that she keeps admiring from afar. When I ask if she wants to wear it, she adamantly shakes her head and says, “Nyo!” I found a Tinkerbell and a cowgirl outfit in 2T, so I’ve put those aside for now.

The biggest score was a rocket that only cost $3. I’ve hidden all of the costumes to save for the cold winter days when we need something fun to cheer us up. But I gave Spence the rocket immediately, and he loves it! He puts it on to soar to Mars, complete his mission and return home.

Spence has a Fisher Price rocket, a Backyardigans book entitled “Mission to Mars,” and 2 Curious George cartoons regarding astronauts, so he’s already been exposed to space, the moon, etc. Nevertheless, the timing on this was perfect. This month they’ve been discussing the moon at preschool, where they read “Good Night, Moon” and made two moon-related crafts, among other things. His enthusiasm for space, the planets, etc, has been high lately. I’m sure the phase will end quickly since the themes at preschool change every week or two, but for now he’s loving it. And when he gets bored, I’ll hide it for a month and bring it out again on a snowy day. I’m sure the magic will be revived!


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