A Busy Week…

I can’t believe it’s Friday already, but then again, when I look back on the week, it’s been quite busy! On Monday we went to my friend Tanya’s house to make cookies. I’m hosting a “cookie decorating play date” on Dec 12th, so we needed to make lots of sugar cookies for the kids to decorate. With John out of town all of next week, I decided to make them early and freeze them. Spence and Ruby had a lot of fun using the cookie cutters, while Saphira and Lincoln managed (somewhat) to keep each other company.  (Note to self: need to get pics from Tanya!)

On Wednesday we went to Woodfield Mall to check out “Yu Kids Island Playground.” Wow  – it’s Willy Wonka meets Dr. Seuss! The kids had a blast, but I think Saphira was a bit over-stimulated. She wanted to go home after 45 minutes. Sadly, I doubt if we’ll return any time soon. It’s $10 per child (no sibling discount). I had a Groupon that got both kids in for $10, but I doubt if that deal will come around again any time soon.

That evening both kids got their hair cut, and then Spence had Awana. Since Kid Snips is close to the church, John picked up Saphira there while Spence and I then headed straight to ACC. We brought dinner with us and then had time to play some basketball before Awana started. We had so much fun that I think we’ll do the picnic dinner and basketball again in a couple of weeks. It was good “Mommy time” for Spence.

The other big event on Wednesday was that our new carpet was installed in the basement. I have taken advantage of the transition to sort through and clean all of the kids’ toys before putting them back. Yesterday was a long day of cleaning, but I think it’s worth it. I feel like we have a “fresh start” with our new toy room!

So today is Friday, which means music class followed by a play date at Matias, Violet and Bea’s house. It should be fun! And then we have a great weekend planned: Christmas Around the World exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry on Saturday and Zoo Lights at Brookfield Zoo on Sunday evening (followed by dinner with the grandparents). Somewhere in there we need to get the tree out of storage so that we can put it up…

Then next week will be action-packed. John is out of town, so I hope we survive! Monday we’re headed to the Field Museum to see the Whale exhibit. Grammy is coming to visit (and help!) on Tuesday, so we’ll go to the Cuneo Mansion to see the Christmas lights that night.  Whew – I’m worn out already and the fun hasn’t even begun yet! Hopefully I’ll have some great pics and stories to share as we begin this great adventure!


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