Extreme Bugs and Butterflies

Last week we met some friends at Brookfield Zoo to check out the Extreme Bugs exhibit and to visit the butterfly pavilion. The kids had fun at both. Spence especially enjoyed the inflatable challenge at the Bugs exhibit. He had to pull himself up through 3 layers of weave to reach the top of a slide. He was the only one of his friends to succeed in the climb. Unfortunately I didn’t capture it on film. He wanted to try a second time, but everyone else was ready to move on. We’ll probably go back before the end of summer.

We went to the zoo on June 1st also. That day we played at the Hamill Family Zoo Area, where the kids made binoculars out of empty, cut paper towel rolls. They still play with them here at home. Such a simple craft – I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it earlier! Spencer also got to touch the manta rays that day. Wrangling two kids near water meant no photos of the event. At first Spence would keep his hand in the water and pull away as soon as one approached. I finally convinced him that these rays had no barbs to sting him and he managed to pet a few. After that he wanted to stay longer to touch them, but Saphira was ready for a nap. Brookfield Zoo is definitely a local attraction we’re going to miss when we move!


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