The Treehouse

There’s a play cafe in Lake Zurich called The Treehouse. We’ve only been a handful of times because it’s the only play place in the area that does not offer a sibling discount and the fee is a steep $10 per child. However, once or twice a year they offer a groupon and I managed to buy this one before it sold out. It was a 5-punch card for $25 that had to be used before September 1st. Many moms decided against it since it only covered the summer, but I thought it would give us a place to go on the really steamy days. We’ve been twice already and the kids love it. Unfortunately, because of the distance, we usually end up eating lunch there, so the actual total cost is much higher. But at least the kids like their home-made mac-n-cheese, as well as the pu-pu platter (cheese, crackers, grapes, apples with sunbutter, and carrots with ranch dressing). I was a bit uncertain of how Saphira would fare, but she toddles right after her brother and has quickly learned how to get around!


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