Summer 2012 Bucket List

My friend Helen created a summer bucket list with her family. I didn’t learn about it until mid-summer, by which time I realized we had already accomplished most of what we had hoped to do for the summer. Nevertheless, I started thinking about it today and realized we still have some things to do or see. So I created our own list. I tried to get input from the kids, but they weren’t able to add much that we hadn’t seen or done already. Here’s our current draft (pasting from Excel, so not sure how well this will work…):

The Summer 2012 Bucket List
Attend an outdoor concert x
Beach x
Brookfield Zoo x
Carnival x
Catch Fireflies
Day Camp (Spence) x
Family Movie Night
Go camping x
Go to the park x
Kohl’s Children’s Museum x
Make ice cream
Make-a-Messterpiece x
Navy Pier
Paint outside x
Pirate’s Cove x
Play in the sprinkler x
Play soccer x
Play t-ball x
Play with friends x
Pool x
Ride bikes x
Santa’s Azoosment Park
See a parade x
See a play x
See fireworks x
See the Chicago Air & Water Show
Splash Pad x
Take a nature walk (Morton Arboretum or Botanic Gardens)
Take train downtown
Vacation Bible School x
Visit Indianapolis x

One of the items we had only “semi-completed” was playing at a splash pad. There have been splash pads at two of the pools we’ve played at, but the kids have been so preoccupied with the pool that they showed little interest in the splash pad. So tonight I took them to the Spray-n-Play in Buffalo Grove. Saphira was slow to warm up, but she loved it in the end. Spence spent most of the time trying to toss some “squishy balls” into the buckets that would fill and dump water. It took him at least 5 minutes to finally make a basket, but he was determined. I thought he’d move on once he was successful, but he kept at it, making several more baskets. Afterward we played at the playground behind the splash pad and went to Giordano’s for dinner. It was a great evening!

(The picture of Saphira with her head on the chair is from her singing, “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” She did clap, stomp and then, “if you’re tired and you know, lay down.”)


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