As we packed boxes in Illinois, Spence came up with several ideas of things he wanted to make with the boxes once we arrived in Florida. I kept several of the large boxes as we unpacked, but his interest had waned. Nevertheless, I stacked a few of the boxes and asked him what he thought. He decided they’d make a great rocket. Or robot. Or robot-rocket. So this week we took the first step by painting them. He opted to do monochromatic sides, and I let him choose the colors. Hopefully this week we’ll finish the project…once he decides what he wants to create!

Saphira was more interested in painting her pumpkin, so I let her have free reign of the paint. She was more focused on opening and closing the paint bottles, but she still managed to swirl several colors onto her pumpkin.


One thought on “Boxes

  1. Your post caught my eye because it reminded me of my children when they were younger. My youngest daughter often had grand ideas of things to create and I always tried to let her ‘go for it’. I loved that your kids are creating with the boxes!!

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