Footprint Turkeys and Painting with Corn

I am so lucky to have a husband who accepts my wacky ideas! A couple of weeks ago John asked if I needed anything from Home Depot. I asked him to pick up some paint sample cards.

John:  For what?

Me: For crafts.

J: What colors?

Me: I don’t know. A variety. I don’t have anything in particular in mind. I’ve just seen some cute crafts on Pinterest where we could incorporate the paint chip cards.

Little did I know that just a week later, the paint chip cards would be perfect for our foot print turkeys! Spence cut a few of the “feathers” himself, but he grew bored with it, so I didn’t force him. He did glue everything into place. The next day I asked how they wanted to do their names. Nothing interested them until I uttered the dreaded word: glitter. They both got excited, and they had a blast with the glue and glitter. Up until now, it has been verboten. Glitter gets in eyes. No matter how much you vacuum or clean, it lingers. We limited it to use in the kitchen, yet I’ve found the little sparkles in the toy room as well as all the bedrooms. But alas – it made the children happy, so what could I do?

Then the following conversation took place a few days ago.

J: Hon, we need to use this corn before it goes bad.

M: Oh, that’s not to eat. We’re going to paint with them.

My understanding husband didn’t even bat an eye. He merely closed the fridge door. Today I pulled out the ears of corn and the kids explored rolling them in various colors of paint. When I stepped away, Spence put a bit too much paint on his page, but it doesn’t matter. He had fun, and the paintings look great!

The only downside to today was that I was hoping the various activities would keep the kids busy so I could cook!  HA! Oh well, John took the kids out to eat so I could have a little time to get some prep work done.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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