An Advent of Books

022My friend Tanya initially gave me the idea of wrapping our Christmas books and using them in lieu of an advent calendar to count down the days to Christmas. I loved the idea, so I rounded up our holiday books. If I threw in a couple about snowmen and snowy days, I had 26. (Well, actually, I decided to buy 2 new Christian books and leave out the snow ones.)

020I wanted to wrap the books in the kids’ artwork rather than wrapping paper. It would be a great way to reuse their paintings. However, when I started wrapping, I realized most books required 2 sheets of paper to cover them, so I wasn’t going to have enough artwork. Luckily Amazon came to the rescue. I had received a couple of packages that had large pieces of brown paper thrown in for cushion. With friends, we placed the paper on the ground and had fun decorating it with footprints, handprints, painting with fingers and painting with brushes. This kids had a lot of fun and then I used that paper to finish wrapping our books.

021Last night we began the adventure by letting both kids open a book. Starting tonight, they will take turns, and then on the 24th they’ll each get to open a book. I made sure that “The Christmas Story” was the first book opened, and the last one will be “The Baby in the Manger.” I want to ensure that we’re keeping the focus on Jesus’ birth and not on the commercialized holiday.

I hope this will become a tradition for us, although I’m afraid a few of the books will be too young for the kids by next year. But hopefully I can find some deals after Christmas to build up the library!

025The other fun thing we’re doing to count down the days to Christmas is building Santa’s beard. We add a cotton ball at the end of the day. So far his beard is a little thin, but it will be fun to watch it grow!

So what fun countdown activities are you doing this year?


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