An Irish Bath

018Last week for the entire week we had to wear (gasp!) pants! Yes, it was cold enough to warrant pants and long-sleeved shirts (and even a jacket in the mornings). So when the temps finally rose back into the 80’s for several hours, the kids were eager to get back in the pool. However, when we walked out the back door we found the pool to be as green as the Chicago River…and it’s not St. Patrick’s Day yet!! Since pool maintenance is included in the rent, we don’t pay much attention to the chemical levels. The only thing we can figure is that because it was cooler the pool guy skipped last week. He wasn’t too happy about it when he came today, but that’s another story and one not worth blogging about.

020In the meantime, I had to come up with an alternative to compensate for the kids’ overwhelming disappointment at not being able to use the pool over the weekend. So I suggested we celebrate an early St. Patrick’s Day with green pancakes for breakfast and then a fun bath. The kids went with me to the dollar store to pick up some knick knacks to include in the bath. We were hoping for a pot of gold and some gold coins, but our local store didn’t have any. Still, we found some huge plastic coins as a substitute, plus some fun glasses, hats, green glass beads, necklaces and foam shamrocks.  I chose gold (ie, yellow) so that the green items would have a contrast color. Spencer was not impressed and immediately exclaimed it looked like a pee bath. Ooops. Maybe I’ll try orange next time? But the kids had fun and they eventually changed it to a pirate theme. I guess I’ll have to get on Amazon and find some gold coins and gems for a future pirate bath…

022 021


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