Spencer Turns 5

020We decided at Christmas that this year we’d celebrate the kids’ birthdays with a trip to Disney in lieu of birthday parties and gifts. We discussed it with the kids and they eagerly agreed to our plan. Nevertheless, even the best laid plans can get sidelined…

Once we registered Spence for preschool, we were supposed to get him a medical physical, including complying with the Florida vaccination requirements. During our January trip to Illinois, we visited our pediatrician and asked for the forms to be sent to our new doctor in Miami. I then completely forgot about the whole thing. Florida has an online database that can be accessed by medical facilities and schools, so I assumed we had completed our task. I was wrong. Right before Easter break I received a notification from the school that we were missing the medical forms; a call to the doctor revealed that the nurses had never done anything with the records that had been faxed to them 2 months prior. I was informed Spence would have to repeat his physical exam because Florida requires it be done by a Florida doctor (why an IL doc’s exam isn’t sufficient, I don’t understand, but I couldn’t argue). I was also told that he’d have to have at least one shot. The first available date for a visit was on his birthday:  April 1, 2013.  Ironic!

005So now I felt guilty that Spence was going to have to get a shot on his birthday. Yuck! I pondered what we could do to make it up to him and I decided I’d let him invite ONE friend to Chuck-E-Cheese. He chose Joshy. The boys had a blast, and even Saphira enjoyed some of the games and fun. That night we had a small cake for the family, and his “big” cake was saved for school. He chose a pull-apart cake of construction vehicles. Spence had a fabulous birthday in the end — and the best part (Disney) was still to come!

010 009 008 004 003 001 016 014


Another bonus that came out of the change of plans was that Joshy bought Spence a small Lego set as a gift. Spence completed it by himself; my only role was to turn the pages and help ensure he built it step by step without skipping ahead or missing any key pieces. That’s all it took — he was hooked…and obsessed! After that every cent of birthday money was allotted to purchasing Lego sets. He set his sights on the “City Police” series and he’s quite close to owning all of them. He’s already dreaming of starting the “Fire station’ series next. I knew the “Lego phase” would hit eventually, but I didn’t realize just how Lego-crazed Spence would be. There are definitely worse habits to have, though, so I’m not complaining! I just hope Spence can wait until Christmas for  his next Lego fix!

012 011


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