Pendulum Painting

I’ve wanted to try pendulum painting since we first arrived. I finally invited some friends over to help us try it out. I’d say it was a fair first attempt, but we definitely need to improve. The paint was too thick and when I watered it down, I couldn’t get the right consistency. And we hung the string from the gutter, so the pendulum itself was too large. The kids had a lot of fun, but I’d definitely like to give it another shot with a smaller pendulum. (I should add that Maya slipped and fell. Spence thought it was funny and decided to slide and fall as well. We ended up with a paint slip-and-slide. Sounds fun, but a bit dangerous on the patio surface. Smaller should avoid that problem…I hope!)

2013-06-27 001 2013-06-27 002 2013-06-27 003


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