A Fort and Santa’s Sleigh

019A benefit of today’s electronic world is that most of my Christmas shopping was done on-line, which meant lots and lots of boxes. One day Spence asked for some tape and he started building a fort for his Lego toys. He had a blast, but then the fort sat in the toy room taking up space. I moved it outdoors, but unfortunately his interest has not been rekindled yet.

100_0647In the meantime, Saphira decided she wanted to make Santa’s sleigh. I had some cardboard tubes, so I told her we’d put something together. All of my grandiose ideas were for naught. She and Maga came to ask if they could paint. When I took out the paints and set them up, I discovered a “train” of boxes, many filled with toys and trinkets. Saphira proudly declared that this was Santa’s sleigh and there were even gifts to deliver to all the good girls and boys! So I let them paint a few boxes and the project was complete. The only error was not enforcing my request to take the toys inside when they were done. Unfortunately a few toys got quite wet during the next rain. Still, the kids’ imaginations never cease to amaze me!

100_0646 100_0645


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