Basic Math

ImageI need to figure out which curriculum we’ll use for math. I’ve reviewed a few but have yet to decide what will work best for Spence. I love the mastery of Math U See, but I’m worried Spence will get bored with it. I’ve heard Saxon is good, but not until 3rd or 4th grade; it’s not so great for the younger kids. I splurged and bought both K and 1st grade levels of Mathematical Reasoning by Doug and Linda Brumbaugh because I liked how it approached basic problems from multiple angles. As expected, the K level is far too simple for Spence, but it is provided a good review and introducing him to logic, which I like. One friend suggested I continue with this program and combine it with the mastery of Math U See. But the overall thought, with which my husband strongly agrees, is that we should just wait until the FPEA Homeschool Convention in Orlando in May. So that is what I’ll do. I’ll continue to use the one workbook as a fun review since he really enjoys it, but we won’t worry about a “formal” program until the fall.

ImageIn the meantime, Spence loves the color by number pages, so I created my own addition and subtraction versions. I found some coloring pages that weren’t too complicated and set them up to use only a handful of colors. He loved them, so it looks like I’ll be creating more of those in the near future as well!


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